5-21 Nov 2004. "In olden times when wishing still helped one". This year the organisers of the Berlin Fairy Tale Festival are celebrating the 15th anniversary under the motto "16 at One Blow", presenting a treasure trove of German fairy tales and legends. And what more fitting location than Berlin, home of the world's most popular German collectors of fairy tales, Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm, who lived and worked here until their deaths. Discover the legendary "Long Night of Storytellers", a fairy tale film retrospective, a symposium on "Fairy Tales in Music", teacher trainings, a nationwide school competition as well as the Childrens Art Festival.

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Address Tel. +49-3034709478, info@berlinermaerchentage.de

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15th Berlin Fairy Tale Festival - "16 at One Blow" .

Tel. +49-3034709478, info@berlinermaerchentage.de