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What were Italy's most popular baby names in 2021?

No changes in Italy's top names for girls and boys.

The most popular names chosen by new parents in Italy in 2021 were once again Sofia and Leonardo, according to a report by the national statistics office ISTAT.

Sofia, which been the most popular name for baby girls for the last 12 years, is followed by Aurora, with Giulia and Ginevra in third and fourth place respectively.

Leonardo has held the top place for boys since 2018; in second place is Alessandro, up one position compared to 2020, with Tommaso third.

Francesco, which was the most popular name for baby boys in Italy every year from 2001 to 2017, drops to fourth place.

Here is the top 10 ranking of the most popular names for babies born in Italy in 2021:

Girls: Sofia, Aurora, Giulia, Ginevra, Beatrice, Alice, Vittoria, Emma, Ludovica, Matilde.

Boys: Leonardo, Alessandro, Tommaso, Francesco, Lorenzo, Edoardo, Mattia, Riccardo, Gabriele, Andrea.

Full details can be found on the ISTAT website including an option in which users can insert a name to see how many babies in Italy were given that name every year since 1999.

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