Via Alessandrina reopens at Trajan's Markets

Pedestrians can now walk through Trajan's Markets once more

Via Alessandrina, which runs alongside Via dei Fori Imperali through Trajan's Markets, reopened to the public on 28 October.

It had been closed for about a decade for archaeological excavations that never took place. The mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino reopened the historic road, about six weeks after pledging to return it to the public, as part of his plans to transform the Forum area into the “world's largest archaeological park.”

Educational panels and seating have been added to the newly-spruced up street which connects Largo Corrado Ricci with Piazza del Foro di Traiano. There are also plans to introduce a new lighting system to enhance the ancient surroundings.

Via Alessandrina dates back to the 16th century and is named after Cardinal Bonelli, known as "the Alexandrian" after his area of origin: it was he who ordered the first modern redevelopment of the area between the Forum of Nerva and Trajan's Column around 1570.

The road survived Mussolini's demolition campaign from 1927-1935 along the Via dei Fori Imperiali to clear the dwellings that had built up over the centuries on top of the archaeological remains between Piazza Venezia and the Colosseum.

The street was closed to allow a new phase of excavations to take place, however the funding failed to materialise.

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