Vatican City recreated with 67,000 pieces of Lego

Lego Vatican is latest creation by architect and artist Rocco Buttliere.

The entire Vatican City has been recreated in Lego, containing an astonishing 67,000 pieces, by the world-renowned Italian Lego artist and architect Rocco Buttliere.

With a scale of 1:650, the highly-detailed model took Buttliere 500 hours to design and a further 300 hours to build.

Lego Vatican City by Rocco Buttliere

The Lego Vatican measures 131cm x 273cm and includes 1,300 pieces created specially.

Buttliere, who in the past has made models of Imperial Rome, has replicated everything from the Vatican Museums and Gardens to St Peter's Square and Basilica.

Lego Vatican City by Rocco Buttliere

For full details on the Lego model of the Vatican, and the artist, see Rocco Buttliere website.

In the meantime check out this video: