Traffic-free Sunday in Rome

Private traffic banned in Rome on 16 November

Traffic in Rome has been banned within the fascia verde (green belt) on Sunday 16 November from 07.30 to 12.30, and from 16.30 to 20.30.

The move is part of regional measures to curb air pollution and will be repeated at the same times on 28 December, and 1 and 22 February.

The ban includes vehicles with permits to access the city centre and limited traffic zones (ZTL). It excludes electric cars; petrol and diesel Euro 5 cars; Euro 2 and Euro 3 motorcycles; cars with special permits for disabled drivers, and car sharing vehicles. Motorists caught breaking the traffic ban face a €105 fine.

The news comes as up to 4,000 of Rome's traffic police convened on the morning of 11 November, causing disruption to the city's traffic flow. The meeting was called by trade unions representing the traffic police or vigili, in protest over the decision of their commander Raffaele Clemente to implement widespread redeployment of traffic police and managers as part of an investigation into possible corruption in the force. The vigili are protesting against the redeployment plan, which would begin in December, as well as contesting the alleged insinuation of corruption among their ranks.

For a full list of exempted vehicles as well as the city boundaries see the city website.