Traffic changes on Via Labicana

The traffic lane on Via Labicana from Via Merulana in the direction of the Colosseum is closed until 29 July in preparations for the closure of Via dei Fori Imperiali to private traffic on 30 July.

During the work to install kerbs around the central tramline traffic in both directions of Via Labicana is guaranteed, with vehicles heading towards Via Nicola Salvi – opposite the Colosseum on the Colle Oppio – using the tramline. The number 3 tram will be replaced by a bus along its entire route. Parking is banned on Via Labicana in the direction of the Colosseum, as well as on Viale Manzoni in the direction of Via Labicana.

The work is to transform Via Labicana into a one-way street in the direction of Via Merulana, with the two traffic lanes separated by a central section reserved for trams. Via Labicana is affected most by the major traffic plan instigated by recently-elected mayor Ignazio Marino.

Shops on the street are against the one-way decision as they fear losing business. A local tobacconist was quoted as saying "It has been a two-way street since the time of the [Roman] empire. They used to say 'towards the Colosseum you go to get married, in the other direction you go to the cemetery.' But now, thanks to the new mayor, we're all going to the cemetery."

Marino's plan involves diverting all private traffic away from the Roman Forum and the Colosseum, up Via Cavour and onto Via degli Annibaldi, with return traffic from S. Giovanni being routed up Via Merulana in the direction of S. Maria Maggiore. The plan will be in an experimental phase from 30 July until 15 August after which it becomes definitive. For more details about changes to Via Labicana see the Rome mobility website.

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