Taxi drivers came to an agreement with the government over the new liberalization laws late on 18 July after nearly two weeks of demonstrations and wildcat strikes. Trouble began after economic development minister Pierluigi Bersani announced a package of new decrees on 30 June that included the liberalization of taxi license issue. In order to improve the nations taxi service, the minister wanted to increase the number of licenses as well as the number of vehicles that can run on a single licence. Following the negotiations, the decree will be modified so that it will be possible for two people to work under a single licence, thus increasing the number of shifts possible in a single vehicle. A more modest version of the governments plan to run more than one car on a single licence will be put into a phase of experimentation with a limited number of vehicles. The government and taxi drivers have agreed on the issuing of temporary licences during special events or busy holiday periods, meanwhile, and the possibility of fixed tariffs for some routes (such as Rome to Fiumicino airport) is being discussed. The dispute has ended with a compromise that I feel is very satisfactory, Bersani said in Il Messaggero. The round table of discussions now shifts from the government to city authorities. With approval from local taxi unions, the various city authorities will be responsible for choosing which aspects of the decree they want to put into force.