Rome's metro trains go slow

Bus strike on Friday 10 July will add to confusion.

In an attempt to tighten up discipline on Rome's public transport employees have been asked to clock in at the beginning and end of their shifts with new magnetic badges.

The immediate result has been delays on almost all trains on the A and B lines, as well as the Ostiense to Ostia Lido, where trains were up to 18 minutes late on Thursday 9 July. The go-slow continues even though an official agreement was signed with the unions on Wednesday 8 June.

Rome's mayor Ignazio Marino, who is struggling to bring some order to the city's public transport service, has said that the drivers are deliberately boycotting the agreement. They have replied that they are just keeping by the new rules and that there are safety issues at stake.

It is estimated that 4 out of 10 drivers have refused the keep to the new regulations.

Passengers are not only angry at the delays but also because of the intense heat and the lack of adequate cooling systems.

The city's public prosecutor's office has said that it will open an investigation after an official complaint from the consumer body Codacons.

The pubic transport difficulties will aggravate the bus strike called for Friday 10 July.

Photo: Corriere della Sera

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