Rome to raise bus ticket price to €2 from 2023

Price hike reportedly part of contract between Trenitalia and Lazio Region.

The cost of tickets on Rome's public transport network is to increase from the current €1.50 to €2, from 2023, according to a report in Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

The price increase is provided for in the service contract signed in May 2018 between Trenitalia and the Lazio Region, according to La Repubblica, taking effect from 1 August 2023.

Currently the 100-minute "Bit" ticket, which offers unlimited travel on Rome's buses, trams and light-rail services and one trip on the underground, costs commuters €1.50.

La Repubblica quotes the new 2023 prices contained in the contract: "Bit €2, 24-hour ticket €9.30, 48-hour ticket €16.70, 72-hour ticket €24, and monthly ticket €46.70."

The Lazio Region mobility councillor Mauro Alessandri confirmed the measures to La Repubblica but stressed that the price hikes would take effect only after the arrival of new trains and "hand in hand with the improvement of the service."

The last time the bus and metro tickets increased in the capital was on 25 May 2012 when the Bit ticket price rose from €1 for 75 minutes to €1.50 for 100 minutes.