Rome third most-congested city in Europe

Rome is the third most-congested city in Europe according to a report by traffic navigator TomTom, which recorded a 34 per cent congestion level on the Italian capital’s streets between January and March this year. The results found that, on average, drivers experienced 42 minutes per hour stuck in traffic during rush hour, and that drivers with a 30-minute commute to work spent an average of 94 hours per year sitting in traffic jams. The worst time to travel in Rome is during rush hour on Monday morning and Thursday evening, while the least congested times on Rome’s streets are on Friday morning and Monday evening. Out of the 31 European cities surveyed, the only places more congested than Rome were Warsaw (42 per cent) and Marseilles (41 per cent). TomTom's survey incorporates data from the hinterland of each city to give an overall view of the traffic situation. Brussels came joint-third with Rome, while Paris was next with a 32 per cent congestion level, followed by Dublin at 30 per cent. The other three Italian cities surveyed by TomTom did reasonably well compared to Rome – Milan was in 12th place at 26 per cent, Naples 16th place at 24 per cent and Turin 17th at 23 per cent. The least traffic-clogged city in Europe is Switzerland's Bern, which recorded an 8 per cent congestion level.

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