Rome security guards arrested for stealing cash from bus ticket machines

Rome investigators believe the 11 suspects stole up to €500 a day each.

Rome police have arrested 11 security guards for allegedly stealing large amounts of cash from parking meters and ticket machines serving the city's troubled public transport company ATAC.
Investigators say the 11 security guards, who were involved in the transportation of cash and the monitoring of ticket machines, managed to steal between €250 and €500 each per day.
The security officers took advantage of the ageing machines which often did not even register the banknotes received from customers. The guards divided the money between their colleagues or in some cases pocketed the cash individually, sometimes justifying the shortfall in funds by faking forced break-ins on the machines.
Rome's mayor Virginia Raggi denounced the thefts as "vile and criminal", saying they were made "even more odious by the damage done to the community."
The news coincided with the release of new Atac tickets, purchasable online. Under the title "Have a good time in Rome", the tickets are available for periods of 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours and one week.