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Rome ranks fourth in Europe's 100 Best Cities report

Milan 10th in Resonance Consultancy report.

Rome has been ranked the fourth Best City in Europe for 2024 in the annual report by the international consultancy firm Resonance, climbing from eighth place in last year's rankings.

As part of its World's Best Cities report, Resonance conducts research into more than 180 European cities, using a combination of core statistics and user-generated ratings and reviews to assess each city.

London is first in the 2024 rankings for the second year in a row, followed by Paris and Berlin, with Madrid in fifth place, Prague sixth, Barcelona seventh, Amsterdam eighth, Istanbul ninth and Milan in 10th place.

The report cites Rome's rich history and recent archaeological discoveries including an ancient golden glass depiction of the goddess Roma and a marble statue of a Roman emperor dressed as Hercules, as well as the recent opening of the Largo Argentina site to visitors, courtesy of sponsor Bulgari.

Resonance underlines Rome's "underrated parks" and historic landmarks along with a flurry of exciting new restaurants and luxury hotels, noting that the Italian capital is "reopening fast" and "drawing record post-pandemic tourists".

Rome was also rated fourth for 'livability' (culture, nightlife, shopping and restaurants) and third for lovability (scenic beauty, green spaces, cycle paths and the possibility of having outdoor experiences).

The report was presented by Rome mayor Roberto Gualtieri on Wednesday at MIPIM, a four-day real estate exhibition, conference and networking event gathering 26,800 international property professionals, currently taking place in Cannes.

"Rome is in transformation, almost an open-air construction site" - Gualtieri said in a statement - "we are proud of it because we have worked a lot on it: we have many projects, with lots of resources to spend. And we must do it well, creating new parks, a new 5G network, but also many other interventions to improve the quality of life of our citizens".

Welcoming the recognition by Resonance, Gualtieri said Rome's rise in the rankings was "the result of intense work to bring the city back to the place it deserves", adding: "Next year we want to do even better."

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