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Rome second in the world for new luxury hotels

Italy lures international luxury hotels to Rome.

Rome is second only to London for attracting the world's top luxury hotel brands in 2023, according to a new report by Luxury Travel Intelligence.

The LTI rankings put Rome ahead of other key destinations including New York, Qatar, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo and all other European capitals "in terms of attractiveness and present and future tourist vision", the city said in a statement.

The arrival of leading luxury hotel companies in Rome was hailed by mayor Roberto Gualtieri as "an important recognition" and proof that the capital "has become attractive again".

Gualtieri underlined the record numbers of tourists, sold-out concerts, major sporting events and "the growth of international investments at levels not seen for years" as factors in boosting the city's attractiveness to the luxury hotel market.

Describing it as a "rapidly expanding sector", the city's tourism councillor Alessandro Onorato also stressed the importance of Rome's role as host to major cultural and sporting events in luring big international hotel brands.

Onorato said the LTI ranking demonstrates the "climate of renewed confidence in the present and future prospects" of the capital, noting the recent opening of top hotels in Rome including Bulgari and Six Senses.

"Between now and 2024 we will see a rapid increase in the 5 star and 5 star luxury sector", Onorato said, predicting an "estimated growth of 30 per cent in the next three years".

Figures released by the local hotel industry last week showed that Rome hotels are expecting a 30 per cent increase in arrivals this Christmas, compared to last year, with bookings for New Year in Rome set to be up 20 per cent.

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