Rome public transport strike on 25 September

24-hour transport strike in Rome and Lazio on Friday 25 September.

Commuters in Rome and across the Lazio Region can expect disruption to public transport services on Friday 25 September due to a 24-hour strike called by the USB union representing workers at ATAC, Roma TPL and Cotral.

The strike will affect Rome's network of buses, trams, metro and light rail services Roma-Lido, Termini-Centocelle and Roma-Civitacastellana-Viterbo operated by ATAC, as well as bus services provided by Roma TPL and Cotral in the suburbs and greater Rome area.

The public transport strike timetable will be effective from 10.00 to 17.00 and from 20.00 until end of service, with transport guaranteed during the busiest rush hour periods.

The strike action is in response to measures decided upon by the central government, in agreement with regional authorities, to reduce the chance of covid-19 contagion on board public transport vehicles as children return to school.

In early September Italy's transport ministry approved protocols stipulating that school buses and public transport carrying students must operate at a maximum of 80 per cent capacity.

However the USB union believes this is still too dangerous, adding that "the companies do not ensure the quota of entrances on buses and metro, where often 100 per cent of the capacity is exceeded."

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