Rome public transport strike during Italy-Belgium match

Four-hour strike by ATAC on evening of Monday 13 June.

A four-hour strike by Rome’s public transport company ATAC, programmed for Monday 13 June from 20.30-00.30, is generating more controversy than usual as it coincides with the Italy-Belgium match in the EURO 2016 football championship.

While Rome residents are accustomed to public transport strikes regularly taking place on Fridays, the fact that the latest ATAC strike is on the same evening as the Italy football game has created a stir in the local press and on social media.

The UGL trade union has defended the timing of the strike, which begins half an hour before the Italy match, saying it was chosen to "cause the least inconvenience" to Rome's commuters.

The strike will affect buses, trams, metro and light rail services Roma-Lido, Roma-Nord and Termini-Centocelle, while the night bus service between 13 and 14 June is not guaranteed.

Rome public transport strikes normally relate to issues such as contracts and salaries, however the 13 June action has been called to request more security for drivers.

For full details see Muoversi a Roma website.