Rome plans traffic toll to enter city

Proposal would take effect in 2017

Rome proposes to introduce a toll for private vehicles entering the city's anello ferrovario, the railway ring around the capital, according to new plans being put forward by the city's transport councillor Guido Improta.

The proposal would extend the ZTL (limited traffic zone) to traffic inside the anello ferrovario, and an ecopass would entitle Rome residents to 120 free annual trips into the city, after which they would pay a toll depending on the level of pollution their vehicles emits. The new system would govern access into the city on weekdays, using two bonus points to enter during rush hour and one to enter during off-peak times.

Once the points are used up, drivers would have to pay for each trip: €3 for Euro 4 vehicles, €2 for Euro 5 vehicles, and €1 for Euro 6 vehicles. Certain types of vehicle would be excluded, from those running on gpl, methane or electricity, to those with disability passes.

The plan requires further approval from municipal authorities in the coming days but, once passed, would come into force on 1 January 2017. Improta says the city's goal is to reduce private traffic and encourage commuters to use public transport.

Figures from 2013 reveal that the use of private vehicles in Rome generates congestion levels that translate into 135 million hours lost per year for Rome residents, corresponding to a loss of productivity worth about €1.5 billion annually.