Rome mayor wants cable car by end of term

Raggi's cable car presentation interrupted by far-right militants.

Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi restated her aim on 16 May to have a cable car network up and running in the west of the capital by the end of her administration's term.

The presentation of the "Casalotti-Battistini funicular" project by the mayor and her transport councillor Linda Meleo was interrupted briefly by members of the neo-fascist organisation Casapound who chanted “Vergogna” (shame) before being removed from the Aurelia town hall.

Once the demonstrators left Raggi reiterated her cable car plan to alleviate traffic congestion between the western suburbs of Casolotti and Boccea by connecting commuters to the Battistini metro station.

The mayor claimed that a recent survey in the locality showed that 67 per cent of residents were in favour of the proposal, which was part of Raggi's electoral campaign last year but which has met widespread irony on social media.