Rome bus service to Ostia beaches

The summer bus service to beaches along the coast from Ostia south to Torvaianica resumed on 1 May.

During the week the 070 Express runs from the Fermi bus station in EUR through Casalpalocco and Castel Porziano to the Colombo bus stop in Ostia. Then at weekends and public holidays it offers an extended route to the beaches along the coast between Ostia and Torvaianica to the south.

At weekends and public holidays the 07 runs from the Colombo bus station (which connects with the Rome-Lido railway line) to Torvaianica along the coast road, stopping as the so-called Cancelli beach establishments.

The daily 62 service connects Ostia with the beaches at Castel Porziano, and runs more frequently during peak weekend periods.

Details can be found on Rome’s mobility website.