Trenitalia is launching a new high-speed train service on 3 November, T-Biz between Rome and Milan to compete with the airline companies. The trains, designed for business people will make only one stop, in Bologna, and the journey time will be 4 hours and 5 minutes.

When booking a ticket it will be possible to book a car parking space at the station of departure, there will be a T-Biz waiting room on the station serving free drinks to travellers and a hostess on the platform to direct passengers to their seats. Free drinks and newspapers will be available during the journey and hostesses on the train will be able to book taxis and hire cars for arriving passengers. All seats on the train will have an electrical connection for computers.

The trains will depart from Rome Termini at 06.25 and 18.05 and from Milan at 07.55 and 16.55. The price of a one way ticket is 85 in first class and 60 in second class. For information and to book see