Return of ticket inspectors on Rome buses

Ticket inspectors return on trial basis as Rome prepares for 150 new ATAC buses.

Permanent ticket inspectors are to begin work on five ATAC bus lines in Rome, from 15 November, as part of an experiment to reduce fare dodgers.

There will be a team of three controllers working on five routes – 046, 047, 106, 107 and 507 – all of which operate in the city suburbs.

The announcement came on 9 November as Rome's mayor Virginia Raggi welcomed 25 new buses, part of 150 new vehicles destined for the capital's deteriorating fleet.

Raggi said the new bus fleet, which cost more than €50 million, should be fully operational by spring 2017.

Meanwhile a 24-hour transport strike by ATAC is scheduled on Tuesday 15 November, the day the ticket inspectors are due to begin work.