Public transport strikes in Rome

A number of 24-hour public transport strikes have been scheduled to take place in Rome on Friday 25 January, leading to yet another venerdì nero for the capital's commuters.

The two main strike actions have been called by the Faisa Cisal and Orsa trades unions over job security. The Orsa strike relates to the Termini-Giardinetti regional light railway line, while the Faisa protest will affect the entire ATAC network.

On 25 January the city's transport service is guaranteed until 08.30, and from 17.00-20.00, however outside of those hours the bus, tram, metro, and light-rail services serving Roma-Lido, Termini-Giardinetti and Rome-Viterbo are not guaranteed. The night bus service will also be at risk on the night between Thursday 24 and Friday 25 January.

In addition, a similar 24-hour protest is scheduled to affect the RomaTpl bus lines in the city suburbs. 

Meanwhile the Orsa trade union is participating in a ten-day agitation, which began on 19 January and will see employees of the Termini-Giardinetti regional railway line refraining from working overtime. This could lead to a reduction of services for the duration of the protest.

For more details see the website of Rome's agency for mobility.