The busy district of S. Lorenzo is now closed to private traffic (excluding residents, motorbikes and scooters) Wed-Sun 20.00-03.00. The measure, which affects the area enclosed by, but excluding, Viale Scalo di S. Lorenzo, Via Tiburtina (from Piazzale Tiburtino to Via dei Reti) and Via dei Reti, was introduced in early June on an experimental basis to reduce traffic congestion in one of the city's most popular nightlife areas. Parking is available in two locations on the perimeter of the no-go area, Largo Passamonti and Piazzale del Verano, from where it is a short walk into the heart of the zone. Electric shuttle buses are also operating a service from the car parks into the pedestrian area. The restrictions will be operative until 31 October, excluding August. For information tel. 0657118333, Mon-Fri 06.30-18.00, Sat 14.00-18.00.