The provincial government of Bolzano in the northern Trentino-Alto Adige region of Italy has decided to charge a toll to vehicles using two mountain passes that lead to Austria, the Stelvio and the Rombo passes. From summer 2006, vehicles will be charged from 10-15 to use the passes and motorcycles 5.

The provincial president of Bolzano, Luis Durnwalder, explained that the roads require expensive maintenance every year and that the sensitive environment must be protected. The road over the Stelvio pass rises to 2,757 m with 48 steep curves on the way. Every year more than two million vehicles use the pass. An agreement has been reached with the Austrians on the other side of the passes, who have been charging a toll to use them for several years. A single company may be appointed to run the toll system and maintain the passes on both sides.

A toll to use the passes of the Sella, Gardena, Pordoi and Campolongo will be introduced in 2007.