City authorities have presented the plan for a new metro line, the so-called metro D, which would link EUR in the south of the city with Montesacro in the north. The line, which would run for 20 km through 22 stations, would cost an estimated 3 billion, with authorities hoping that building work could start in 2009. Conductorless trains would run every 90 seconds and carry around 220,000 passengers a day, according to the blueprints. The central section of the line would encompass ten new stations (Fermi, Trastevere, Nievo, Mastai/Belli, S. Silvestro, Fiume/Boncompagni, Buenos Aires, Verbano Nemorense, Acilia Vescovio and Prati Fiscali) as well as linking to the A line at Spagna and the C line at Argentina/Venezia. Authorities said the project could go ahead only as a private/public concern, however. They are looking for a group of businesses that will take on the direction and construction of the line, which would then be run privately for 25 years before passing, at no cost, into the hands of the city authorities. If successful, the metro D line could be functioning in 2018.

Work on the new C line, from Pantano in the east to Clodio Mazzini in the west, is set to start in the next few weeks.