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Rome: 22 school buses and 16 postal vans destroyed in overnight fires

Anarchists claim Italian postal van blaze.

A fire destroyed 16 postal vans at a depot in Rome's suburbs on Friday night in an alleged act of arson claimed by supporters of jailed Italian anarchist Alfredo Cospito.

"We salute the 150th day of hunger strike of our brother and comrade Alfredo Cospito" - read a message posted on anarchist blogs on Sunday - "giving us the joy of attacking the infrastructures of the Italian state with fire."

On Saturday night 22 school minibuses belonging to the city of Rome were destroyed in a fire at a depot on Via Ostiense.

Police are treating the blaze as arson but so far there have been no claims of responsibility for the incident.

Supporters of Cospito have staged numerous protests in recent months against the anarchist's tough 41-bis prison regime which Italy normally reserves for mafia bosses.

Cospito, 55, is the leader of the Informal Anarchists Federation (FAI) and is serving 30 years for terror attacks.

He has been on hunger strike since October and is currently imprisoned in Milan's Opera jail.

Photo Vigili del Fuoco

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