Florence unveils street art 'wound' at Palazzo Strozzi

JR transforms Renaissance façade as part of a debate on the accessibility of culture in the age of covid-19.

The façade of Florence’s Palazzo Strozzi has been transformed by the celebrated French street artist JR who has created a striking site-specific installation entitled La Ferita (The wound).

The work, created in collaboration with the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi and the city of Florence, offers a virtual peep inside the closed palace and is designed to spark a debate on the accessibility of culture in the era of covid-19.

Palazzo Strozzi said its decision to create an outdoor artwork that "everyone can see" can be interpreted both as "an invitation to rediscover a direct relationship with art and as an encouragement to explore new forms of sharing and participation."

For more details about the project see Palazzo Strozzi website.