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Florence orders air-conditioned shops to keep doors shut

Tuscan capital follows in footsteps of Paris.

Air-conditioned shops in Florence will be ordered to keep their doors closed or risk being fined, the city announced on Friday, as part of measures to reduce energy wastage.

The order will apply to public premises from 1 August until 1 September, with fines ranging from €25 to €500, reports state broadcaster RAI.

The ordinance, which follows similar measures in Paris, excludes commercial and administrative venues with outdoor spaces, including external eating areas.

"We want to position our city among the great European capitals at the forefront of the challenge for sustainability", said Florence's environment councillor Andrea Giorgio, who described the move as "common sense".

"This summer the effects of climate change and the energy crisis are in front of everyone's eyes and only by changing habits and increasing awareness will it be possible to reverse the course" - said Giorgio - "We must eliminate waste and limit consumption: all together we must do something."

Florence has also brought in measures prohibiting citizens from using drinking water to wash cars, water gardens, wash courtyards or fill ornamental fountains.

These measures are in force from immediate effect, until 30 September, with penalties for violations also ranging from €25 to €500, according to RAI News.

Photo credit: PhotoStock10 / Shutterstock.com.

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