Enjoy scooter sharing abandons Rome

Enjoy announces new Fiumicino airport service from 1 July.

The Enjoy scooter sharing system is to cease operating in Rome from July, just over one year after launching in the capital.

The company says it is bailing out because the three-wheeled vehicles were only used an average of once a day – a number far lower than it expected and ten times less than its car sharing service.

Enjoy is also bailing out of Milan and Catania and says its 500 scooters will be sold off and replaced with as many new cars.

However the company has announced that from 1 July it plans to open its own car-park at Rome's Fiumicino airport with spaces designated for 20 Enjoy cars. The journey from the airport into town will cost about €17 – more than the €14 Leonardo Express train fare but with the option of transporting passengers and luggage with greater ease – according to Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica.

It is however considerably less that the standard €48 for the taxi fare to the historic centre.