ENAC, Aeroporti di Roma - Disruption at Rome's Fiumicino Airport

"June 11 2015 

12:30 pm

In consequence of the gradual reduction of the number of incoming flights and of operations at Terminal 3-Departures decided by ENAC, Aeroporti di Roma has created a task force dedicated to passengers. 

The staff, both circulating in the airport and at dedicated desks, will help travellers by giving indications and information on the services.  One team will be deployed at the railway station, to welcome and direct passengers ever since their arrival at the airport by train.

During the period of reduced operations at Terminal 3-Departures some flights will be progressively rescheduled on other Terminals: T2, T2, T5, which will remain open 24/7 and will be linked by an improved shuttle bus service.

Operations at the Arrival area of Terminal 3 will remain unchanged and regular.

We suggest passengers to contact their airline operators in advance, so as to check the status and schedule of their flight."

by ENAC, Aeroporti di Roma