Until the 24 March there were only 48 electronic notice boards on four bus routes at Romes bus stops but on 25 March the mayor, Walter Veltroni announced that a further 192 had gone into service and by 30 April there will be a total of 285.

The electronic boards, which tell the waiting passengers how long they will have to wait for the next bus, receive information about the buses via satellite from an operations centre run by ATAC the city bus and tram company. The boards also give information about traffic diversions, the possible closure of metro stations and strikes. At least one of the boards is on the 105 bus and tram routes; 51 of them are in the historic centre.

Rome has a total of 8,300 bus and tram stops and it is hoped, that from July of this year, every route will be able to use the satellite system to communicate with the operations centre.