Anti-smog measures to cut Rome's pollution

Pollution levels too high in Rome.

Rome has banned the most polluting vehicles from circulating within the city’s fascia verde or green belt (the area inside the GRA ring road) on Monday 30 November from 07.30 to 20.30, as part of anti-smog measures.

The city says the measures are necessary to reduce high pollution levels which currently exceed the smog limit.

The ban affects the following vehicles: Euro 0 and 1 petrol-driven cars; Euro 0, 1 and 2 diesel vehicles; two-, three- and four-wheel 2 and 4-stroke Euro 0/1 vehicles; and diesel Euro 0/1 microcars.

The traffic ban on 30 November comes as a strike by Roma TPL, the capital's suburban bus company, enters its eighth day. The city says it has approved €12 million to pay the company's 2,000 employees who have not been paid since September. The workers are expected to receive their last two pay cheques on 30 November.

The Roma TPL strike does not affect services provided by Rome public transport company ATAC, the regional bus provider Cotral, or the state railway network.

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