The Italian civil aviation authority, ENAC, has released the names of five airlines that are not allowed to fly to or over Italy. They have been added to the two airlines which were banned in 2004, (a third airline was on this list but has since been reinstated as safe). The list is made up of three passenger-carrying charter airlines, Hemus Air from Bulgaria, Kuban Airlines from Russia and Ozu-Avia Air company from Kazakhstan, and two cargo lines, BGB Air and Gst Aero, both from Kazakhstan. The two airlines blacklisted in 2004 and not reinstated are Gee Bee Air from Greece and Jordan Aviation, both charter airlines which carried passengers within Italy and to the Middle East. The Italian blacklist goes to join the 17 airlines banned by Britain, France and Germany.

Codacons, which coordinates consumer rights associations in Italy, is not satisfied with the ENAC list, saying that it is incomplete and confusing. It has published a list on the internet of 21 airlines which they consider to be at risk. Codacons claims that 61 per cent Italians are afraid of flying and 41 per cent feel less secure than they did a month ago, before a series of air disasters occurred. The Codacons list is visible on

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