100 Enjoy cars stolen in Rome

Naples criminals arrested for stealing Rome car-sharing vehicles.

Three suspected members of a Naples-based crime gang have been arrested in connection with the theft of more than 100 Enjoy car-sharing vehicles from Rome over the last year.

The racket, believed to be worth around €1.5 million, involved renting the Fiat 500 cars using false identities, deactivating the double anti-theft satellite tracking system and re-registering the vehicles elsewhere.

Police estimate that the criminal organisation could transfer up to three cars a day to Naples, taking the vehicles from car parks around the capital.

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reports an incident in which a thief crashed an Enjoy car while travelling at high speed on the motorway from Rome to Naples, before abandoning the vehicle and escaping on foot through the fields.

In at least one confirmed case, an unsuspecting buyer purchased a stolen Enjoy car in Matera in southern Italy.