Operations Manager

Highly skilled individual with leadership personality and able to cope with high-stress situations. Involved with all daily operations, planning, logistics and emergencies that regards every day’s tours.


- highly skilled in the use of computer tools such as: excel; booking software; CRM tools

- A-level English and Spanish

- Able and willing to be on stand-by for emergencies even after regular office hours

- Willing to collaborate in a rotating schedule beyond the regular mon-Friday

- Must be able to prove 2+ years experience in very similar company/environment

The daily operations will include tasks such as:

- booking of guides and suppliers

- booking coordinators

- booking of tickets for all musuems and attractions in Italy

- Answering phone, texts, emails with regards to client’s bookings (this could happen at night too)

- Sending daily feedback emails to clients

- Requesting reviews to clients

- Constant communication with our Sales and marketing team in the use of our CRM tool