Tram Depot

A tram carriage converted into a bar makes for an unusual but popular meeting place in the area of Rome where Aventino converges with Testaccio. 

Seating is strictly out-doors, with mismatched tables and chairs and even a swing-seat, tucked away under exotic plants, and illuminated with candles by night.

Tram Depot brings a quirky splash of colour to an area otherwise noted for hosting a busy traffic junction and a drab post office. (12)

The venue is frequented mainly by Rome residents but also tourists who stumble upon it after visiting the nearby Non-Catholic Cemetery or the Pyramid.

Tram Depot serves great coffee, cornetti, sandwiches, smoothies, grattachecca, craft beer and cocktails. Open 08.00-02.00. No toilet facilities.

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Address Via Marmorata (corner Via Manlio Gelsomini)

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Tram Depot

Via Marmorata (corner Via Manlio Gelsomini)