Ice Club

This bar lives up to its name and keeps its customers chilling at a cool -5 degrees.

Located on a quiet back street in Monti, the entire interior of the bar is made of ice, making it one of the city's more unusual venues for a drink.

Despite being provided with a thermal cape most people don't stay too long due to the freezing temperatures.

The Ice Club has a cover charge of €15 but this includes a vodka cocktail in a glass made of — you guessed it  ice.

Mon, Wed, Thurs 17.00-01.00. Tues, Fri 17.00-02.00. Sat 16.00-02.00. Sun 16.00-01.00.

General Info

Address Via della Madonna dei Monti, 18-19
Phone number 0697845581

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Ice Club

Via della Madonna dei Monti, 18-19