20-28 Oct 2006. This exciting dance festival offers a rich fare for malnourished Italian contemporary dance fans. It starts off with Alain Platels much talked-about new creation for the super Ballet C. de La B. company vsprs in which he finds very personal inspiration in Monteverdis Vespri della Beata Vergine. Then, Josef Nadj presents his most recent work, Asobu, the ideal continuation of an artistic journey commenced with Last Landscape, in which painting and writing permeate the language of dance and music. Another title not to be missed is The Mysteries of Love, fruit of the second creative encounter between Erna Omarsdottir and Jhan Jhannsson after the success of IBM 1401, A Users Manual. British choreographer Jonathan Burrows and Italian composer Matteo Fargion present two works, The Sitting Duet and The Quiet Dance, in which the two men interact, giving life to extraordinary and poetic performances that may be called dance, but may be called many other things as well. Other names to look out for are those of Virgilio Sieni, Michela Lucenti and Fabrizio Favale.

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Vie Scena Contemporanea Festival.

For information tel. 059305738.