Vertigo 20

In Vertigo 20, choreography by Noa Wertheim. The Israeli Vertigo Dance Company was founded 20 years ago by Noa Wertheim and Adi Sha’al. Celebrating its 20th anniversary season, the company performs Vertigo 20, a kind of retrospective that marks the growth and development of Wertheim and her artistic staff. Her creations often reveal the struggles she has endured over the past years, be it as a wife, mother or one of four sisters. In this work she delves into her past and presents the moments that stand out in her memory. In Israel the company has become synonymous with a special kind of ecological awareness. Based in the rustic environment provided by a Kibbutz, the dancers practice and work in a mud-walled studio overlooking the surrounding fields; they drink purified rainwater and embrace an environmentally friendly lifestyle. For the Napoli Teatro Festival,

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