Piazza Aldo Moro will be transformed into a social meeting place from 5-12 October as part of Upside Town, an event that encompasses art, sport and music. Over the week, the square will see music performances, games and group picnics from 12.00-19.00, aperitivi and tastings to dj sets from 19.00-22-00, live music performances from 22.00-24.00 and performance art, dj sets and cinema from 24.00-1.00 the next morning. The square will also be equipped with hammocks for those wanting to take a break. For more information see the website, www.upsidetown-themillerway.it.

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Address Piazza Aldo Moro.

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Upside Town at Piazza Aldo Moro

Piazza Aldo Moro.