Umbria Jazz festival

12-July-21 Aug. Wake up!! Music will save the planet” is the hopeful theme this year. There are concerts, workshops and jazz sessions all over the city, some in the auditorium, some in Piazza IV Novembre and the Galleria Nazionale di Umbria, others in theatres, clubs and along the streets.

Diana Krall opens the festival at the Arena S. Giuliana on 13 July followed by Paolo Conte on 14 July and Thom Yorke on 20 July.

It's a mixed bag but jazz lovers will enjoy Perugia whatever the lineup, partly because of the festival's long tradition but also because of the fun away from the big venues.

The poster this year “Il Generale della Musica” by Perugia's Massimiliano Donnari, businessman turned artist a few years ago, has caused mixed feelings. To be crowned with a poster puts MaMo, as he signs himself, among the big names of Italian art, such as Alberto Burri and Piero Dorazio, who designed posters for Umbria Jazz in previous years.


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Address Via Baldassarre Orsini, 06121 Perugia PG, Italy

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Umbria Jazz festival

Via Baldassarre Orsini, 06121 Perugia PG, Italy