Top 10 exhibitions in Rome this summer

Ten of the most interesting exhibitions taking place in Rome over the summer

1. Dreamings

More than 50 works by some of Australia's most important Aborigine artists at the Museo Carlo Bilotti.

2. The Pink Gaze

Work by four contemporary female Japanese artists at Museo Nazionale d'Arte Orientale.

3. Luce: L'immaginario Italiano

Photographs and films from the archives of the Istituto Luce at the Vittoriano.

4. Shifting Identities

Artists from Estonia and Finland focus on the theme of identity at MACRO Testaccio.

5. Refugee Hotel

Photographs of freshly-arrived refugees in the US at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere.

6. La seduzione del corpo femminile nell'arte del 900

The seductive portrayal of the female body in 20th-century art at GNAM.

7. Paolo Antonio Paschetto

Work by art deco artist Paolo Paschetto at the Casino dei Principi Villa Torlonia.

8. Born Invisible

Sheila McKinnon's photographs highlight women's rights and social injustice at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere.

9. Mat Collishaw

Solo exhibition by London artist Mat Collishaw at 1/9unosunove arte contemporanea.

10. Andy Warhol

Paintings, photographs and sculptures by the important Pop Art figure at Palazzo Cipolla.