3-4 Nov 2005. In Torsion, Two, Broken Fall, choreography by Russell Maliphant. The most exhilarating thing about this pairing of superstar Sylvie Guillem with dancers Michael Nunn and William Trevitt is the trust and faith they have in each other as partners, which is demanded by Russell Maliphant's daring choreography. All three dancers are consummate technicians, lending a solid foundation to the perilous lifts, throws and catches that punctuate the three pieces of this triple bill. The first work Torsion has become Nunn and Trevitt's signature duet and features the rare dynamic of two heterosexual men enjoying an intimate and trusting bond. Two is a 12-minute solo that Maliphant originally created for his wife Dana Fouras (an ex-Royal Ballet dancer) but which has been extensively reworked for Sylvie Guillem. Here, Maliphant is preoccupied with the sculptural anatomical workings of the human body, and in this respect, Guillem is a more than suitable subject. The final work, Broken Fall, brings the three dancers together for the first time in a specially commissioned piece. So carefully has it been choreographed by Maliphant on these three bodies and their various strengths and weaknesses, and so demanding and intimate is the partner work, that Guillem will only dance it provided Trevitt and Nunn are both available. The title suggests the daring of Maliphant's steps and these three dancers have certainly been brought together because they are risk-takers technically but also hints at the supportive partnership needed to execute such ambitious lifts and throws. Despite the fact that all three remain in a state of fast-moving disequilibrium for much of the piece, their dancing is firmly centred, betraying Maliphant's own training in contact improvisation, capoeira and t'ai chi.

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Address Teatro Regio, tel. 0521039399.

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Sylvie Guillem/Michael Nunn/William Trevitt.

Teatro Regio, tel. 0521039399.