Spoleto Festival

26 June-12 July. There is only one opera production at the Spoleto festival this year, Mozart's Così fan Tutte (26-29 June) and now that Vanessa Redgrave has cancelled her much-awaited appearance with A World I Loved. Story of an Arab Woman, the memoires of Wadad Makdisi Cortes, the festival is a shadow of its former self.

This year the theatre section has had a boost with two works by Pier Paolo Pasolini on the 40th anniversary of his murder. There are also two modern works inspired by James Joyce The Dubliners, Part 1, The Dead. The Dubliners, Part 2, Ivy Day and an interesting-looking section called European Young Theatre for young European actors and directors.

The dance section includes Soiree Petit (3-5 July) with Eleonora Abbagnato, the etoile of the Opèra di Parigi, choreography by Roland Petit; the Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse with Dans le Pas de Noureev (9-11 July); and an urban dance work entitled toPray, choreography by Afshin Varjavandi of the Dacru Dance Company (also programmed on 9-11 July).

There are evening concerts (Beethoven is the chosen composer), lectures (including several talks by the omnipresent journalist Paolo Miele) and art exhibitions (mainly Botero). Locations throughout Spoleto. For details see the website.

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Spoleto Festival

Spoleto, Umbria