18, 19 Feb 2006. In One Part II, Two Times 3 and Push, choreography by Russell Maliphant. Finally in Rome thanks to the support of the British Council, one of the most appreciated choreographers of the present time. Maliphant works with the lighting designer Michael Hullis who is trained in dance and theatre. He and Maliphant have over time successfully devised a special interaction between light and movement that is highly effective in presenting Maliphants very individual choreographic style. At the core of his work Maliphant says that he is searching for "anatomical awareness, knowledge of freedom of movement in the joints, elongation, stretching your spine in both directions, articulated and intelligent body". Maliphant reportedly left the Royal Ballet because he was dissatisfied with the reduction in the number of modern works performed by that company. His work does, however, build on this foundation in expanding the language of dance. A must for dance fans.

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Address Teatro Valle, Via del Teatro Valle, tel. 800011616.

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Russell Maliphant Company.

Teatro Valle, Via del Teatro Valle, tel. 800011616.