3, 4 Nov 2005. In Raga for the Rainy Season and A Love Supreme, choreography by A.T. Keersmaeker and S. Sanchis. In this recent work by the Belgian choreographer, De Keersmaeker combines jazz and religious music. In a blend of improvisation and spirituality, her new creation Raga for the rainy season / A love supreme offers her dancers the joy of coming alive to the notes of Indian raga and John Coltrane, as Coltrane himself, it appears, drew inspiration from traditional Indian music. The first part of the work combines dance with Brahaspatis voice to illuminate a raga and in the second, four dancers will perform to Coltranes music.

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Address Teatro Comunale, tel. 0532202675.

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Rosas/Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Salva Sanchis.

Teatro Comunale, tel. 0532202675.