Ambrit  1920 x 116
Ambrit  1920 x 116
Ambrit  1920 x 116
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Rome's Vitala Festival: concert and exhibition

Concert & Show: special tribute to Borges & Piazzolla with exhibition by Gemma Vinciarelli.

Rome's Vitala Festival hosts an art exhibition and concert on Monday 24 February at Teatro S. Genesio in the Prati district of the city.

The exhibition is by acclaimed Argentine artists: Jorge Luis Borges & Astor Piazzolla.

A poetic journey between the evocative verses by Jorge Luis Borges and the enchanting and seductive music of Astor Piazzolla. The readings and narration by Michelangelo Tarditti, the transverse flute of Raùl Dousset, the piano of Luis Gabriel Chami and the violin of Giuliano Bisceglia, will envelop and enchant the audience.  A vibrant and emotional show, performed with great talent and skill by an ensemble of acclaimed and highly valued artists. For details see Facebook event page.

The artists are Michelangelo Tarditti, readings and narration; Raùl Dousset, transverse flute; Luis Gabriel Chami, piano; Giuliano Bisceglia, violin.

Tickets to the concert are €15, reduced €13 (students) includes first drink at foyer bar. Concert at 21.00. From 20.00 an optional BUFFET with refreshments will be available. For bookings/Info:; tel. 3478248661.

As part of the season’s events, from 18.30 to 20.30 before the start of the concert, the Vitala Festival will host the opening of a painting exhibition by Gemma Vinciarelli, accomplished artist and illustrator. Special reduced (€10) tickets to the concert & show on Borges & Piazzolla will be available to visitors who will be present for the opening of the exhibition.

PRAETEXTA - Art Exhibition

Organised in collaboration with San Genesio Expo, this exhibition titled Praetexta finds a perfect location in the theatre setting. Artwork of varied techniques and dimensions will be exhibited, carefully selected for this occasion. Italian artist Gemma Vinciarelli works and uses with the same passion acrylic, charcoal, collage and digital media. She is one of the founders of Crisma, an annual collection of short comic stories. She was part of the collective of illustrators Lab.Aquattro and the group of Italian collage artists Oltre Collage. Her stories and illustrations have been published on Crisma, OltreMag, Tinals, Internazionale. She recently published The Proust Questionnaire (Collana Libri Attivi - ComicOut), with collage illustrations. She has participated in several collective and personal exhibitions in Rome, Milan and Paris.

For this exhibition Gemma Vinciarelli has selected views of Rome and the Roman theatre but not only, there are takes and impressions of particular scenes and contextualizations, recalling both the place where the exhibition takes place and its suggestive and unique title.

For information about the artist see website while for details of exhibiton see Facebook event page.

FREE ADMISSION TO THE EXHIBITION which will be running from 24 February to 11 March and may be visited in the afternoon (17.00-20.00), by appointment or during scheduled events at Teatro S. Genesio.

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Address Via Podgora, 1, 00195 Roma RM, Italy

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Rome's Vitala Festival: concert and exhibition

Via Podgora, 1, 00195 Roma RM, Italy

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Castelli H3 - 1920 x 190
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