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Rome's swimming pools for families

Aldrovandi Palace. This small, very select city-centre oasis, offers a sophisticated, outdoor swimming pool, shaded by palms and huge cream parasols. Arrive early as space is limited around this most grown-up pool.  Mon-Sun 10.00-18.30. €40 per child, € 80 per adult. Via Ulisse Aldrovandi 15 (Parioli), tel. 063223993, www.aldrovandi.com.

Belle Arti. This outdoor swimming pool just outside the historic centre, in a secluded and shady spot on Via Flaminia, offers an adults’ and a children’s swimming pool. Mon-Sun 08.00-20.00. €20. Via Flaminia 158 (Flaminio), tel. 063226529.

Circolo Valentini. This friendly, family-run sports club hosts a large outdoor swimming pool for children and adults. Mon-Fri 09.00-19.00. €10, half-day €7, Sat-Sun €13/€9. Via della Marcigliana 597 (Bufalotta), tel. 0687120207, www.circolovalentini.it.

Club Lanciani. This large tennis club has an outdoor pool, run by EDE Nuoto, which offers lessons, free swimming and a children’s summer school. Mon-Fri 9.00-20.00, Sat 09.30-17.30. €12/€14. Via di Pietralata 135 (Tiburtino), www.edenuoto.it.

Hydromania. This water park offers water slides, wave machines, outdoor pools (also one for the smallest), South-Pacific-style thatched bars, shops and a mini-club. Mon-Sun 09.30-18.30. Adults €19, children €14, half-day €14/€12. Casal Lumbroso 33 (Aurelio), tel. 0666183183, www.hydromania.it.

H20 Fitnesscenter. This professional swimming pool offers a great variety of water activities for babies aged 12 to 36 months, children and adults, including free swimming, aqua gym and hydrobike classes. Mon-Fri 08.00-22.30, Sat 09.00-20.00, Sun 10.00-14.00. Via del Pigneto 108 (Pigneto), tel. 06 2753877, www.h2ofitnesscenter.it/

Isola Verde. It offers an outdoor Olympic and two swimming pools for children, also swimming and water polo classes . Via di Casalpalocco 89 (Casalpalocco/Ostia), tel. 3931209894. https://it-it.facebook.com/pages/Piscina-Isola-Verde-Casalpalocco/107424139304099

Juventus Nuoto. This communal swimming pool organises swimming lessons for children and adults, as well as water polo, diving, aqua-gym and hydro-bike classes. Mon-Fri 09.00-18.00, Sat-Sun 09.30-18.30. € 8 per adult, € 5 per child aged four and older. Via Bravetta 539 (Aurelio), tel. 06 66160985, www.juventusnuoto.net.

Mondofittness. This temporary sport village organises many sporting activities, including rowing, boxing, pilates, and rugby classes, and also has a swimming pool. Mon-Sun 08.00-24.00. € 95 monthly, € 130 for three months. Viale Tor di Quinto 55/57 (Tor di Quinto), tel. 0633225155. www.mondofitness-roma.com/

Piscina delle Rose. This large outdoor pool offers swimming (10.00-22.00) and canoeing lessons (07.30-21.00) throughout July and August. Mon-Fri 10.00-22.00, weekends 09.00-19.00. €16 per day, €14 half-day. Viale America 20 (EUR), tel. 065926717, www.piscinadellerose.it.

Radisson SAS Hotel. This rooftop outdoor swimming pool has a special section for children. Its restaurant also offers elegant poolside dining. 09.00-19.00. Adults €45 Mon-Fri, €55 Sat-Sun, children 50 per cent discount. Via Filippo Turati 171 (Esquilino), tel. 06444841, www.rome.radissonsas.com.

S.S.D Vita. This professional swimming pool organises swimming courses for children aged three to 15 and adults throughout the summer. Via del Fontanile Arenato 66, tel. 066634202, www.vitaclub.it/

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