Separate Lies Un Giorno Per Sbaglio (UK/Ru). Dir. Julian Fellowes, starring Tom Wilkinson and Emily Watson. The ideal marriage of a lawyer begins to crumble around him when the husband of his cleaning lady is found dead on the street.

Moolaad (Senegal/Fr). Dir. Ousmane Sembene, starring Fatoumata Coulibaly and Maimouna Hlne Diarra. Four young girls in an African village ask asylum of a woman opposed to female circumcision, tearing the community apart.

Il Mio Miglior Nemico (It). Dir. Carlo Verdone, starring Carlo Verdone and Silvio Muccino. The manager of a hotel chain with an apparently perfect life is unbalanced when he crosses a 23-year-old with a grudge.

La Fiamma Sul Ghiaccio (It). Dir. Umberto Marino, starring Raoul Bova and Donatella Finocchiaro. A mathematics professor suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder and imprisoned emotionally by his medication meets a troubled young woman.

Crash (US/Ger). Dir. Paul Haggis, starring Matt Dillon and Don Cheadle. The lives of eight characters from different social and racial backgrounds intersect during 48 hours in Los Angeles. Best film in the 2006 Oscar awards.

Darwins Nightmare LIncubo di Darwin (Fr/Au/Be). Dir. Hubert Sauper. Documentary about the introduction of a predatory fish, the Nile perch, into Lake Victoria in Tanzania in the 1950s and its wide-reaching effect on the economy, arms deals and prostitution.

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