16, 19, 21 Feb 2006. Conducted by Joseph Franconi Lee, directed by Alberto Fassini with Francisco Casanova, Dimitra Theodossiou. See Opera Notes.

At the Teatro Comunale di Modena, there is the classic 19th century Italian opera Norma by Vincenzo Bellini (16, 19 and 21 Feb). The opera offers tonal, melodic characteristics which accomplish their task of enveloping listeners in a languorous and melodious ambience and transporting them to distant and romantic worlds. This accomplishment is due mainly to the female voices, which will be tackled by expert and well-prepared singers: Dimitra Theodossiou and Francesca Provvisionato. The performance will be repeated at Ferrara (3-5 Mar), Piacenza (10-12 Mar) and Livorno (25-26 Mar). Paolo Di Nicola

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Address Teatro Comunale di Modena, tel. 0592033020.

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Norma by Bellini.

Teatro Comunale di Modena, tel. 0592033020.