Louise Lecavalier

In So Blue, choreography by Louise Lecavalier. This astounding Canadian choreographer and dancer is known by many as the muse of Edouard Lock, the iconoclastic choreographer and director of La La La Human Steps company. But recently she has been turning heads as a choreographer in her own right. So Blue, her new work, comes in two parts: the first is a solo danced by Lecavalier in a “stunning, electric mode that transforms into a trance”. The second is a duet with Frederic Tavernini that navigates between speed and slowness. Everything is illuminated by long-time collaborator, light designer Alain Lortie, and set to an original music score by Mercan Dede. Lavanderia a Vapore, tel. 0114033800, www.lavanderiaavapore.it.

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